quality control

We have implemented  five-stage internal quality control system

detailed inspection of the origin of feed
detailed quality control during breeding
veterinary care during breeding
control during meat processings
highest packaging standards

Production management system

Quality is crucial for us and our Customers, which is why, in order to ensure the highest standard of the food we produce, we implemented an ERP quality management system. It allows us to closely monitor particular stages of meat production, sales, and distribution.

We manage stock in the warehouses and supervise the uniform logistic chain. Control over product shelf life according to the ERP system requirements gives us certainty that we can guarantee consistent quality and timely delivery.


Quality standards implemented at our plants are verified by independent certifying entities according to international standards.

The world’s most recognized and sought-after quality scheme.
Makes us part of the group of safe food producers.

Based on ensuring identifiability on each production stage.

Rules and principles for animal slaughtering, preparation and handling of Halal food.

Packaging methods

Modified Atmosphere Packaging MAP

It allows to reach the suitability for consumption up to 10 days from the date of packaging.

Vacuum Packaging VAC

It allows to reach the suitability for consumption up to 16 days from the date of packaging.

Bulk packaging

Depending on specification, we deliver products in collective packaging.



Thanks to the automated warehousing process, we shorten the product’s path to the consumer’s table.


Fresh meat products have a short shelf life. Effective schedule of deliveries carried out 6 days a week guarantees a timely delivery.


We establish partnership collaborations with reliable carriers offering them attractive terms.